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Convener Corner: Meet Regina Compernolle!

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Regina Compernolle Photo


Regina Compernolle has been teaching Communiversity classes for 30 years. Her subjects include a wide range of topics, from art to herbal remedies to women’s spirituality.

“The arts, psychological health and spirituality go hand-in-hand for me,” Regina said. “I enjoy the company of women. My classes are about expressing the sacred Self in an environment that supports and honors the feminine.”

Smiling, Regina admits that she tells men they are welcome to attend her classes, “as long as they are woman enough.”

Regina thinks it’s important to share her skills with others because art, music and dance offer healing through self-expression.

Dance Therapy Photo

“They get the flow going to create well being and open-hearted connections with other participants,” Regina said. “My herb classes teach people ways of taking care of themselves in a natural way, and encourage them to be self-responsible for their health.”

Regina Herbal Remedies Photo

Regina’s longest-running Communiversity class is called Women of the Drum.

“There’s a dance class and a drum class,” Regina said. “We started in 2001 [and] it developed into a weekly class that’s been ongoing almost 13 years.”

Women of the Drum embraces a variety of levels of experience.

Regina Women of the Drum Photo

“We have many older women in the group and people who have never danced or drummed before,” Regina said. “The dance class creates flexibility and grace. It’s been amazing to watch women blossom into beautiful dancers who came thinking they had two left feet. Every week the rhythmic drumming instills a healing meditative state and everyone feels renewed and refreshed after a session. We combine the dance and drumming to create a sort of moving mantra and to choreograph performance pieces.”

For fun, the group combines its two classes for occasional community performances.

Regina Dancing_Photo

“It’s always satisfying to see our beautiful dancers and drummers in costume performing the pieces we’ve created together in class,” Regina said. “We provide entertainment for Mardi Gras every year at a local senior citizen home. We get everyone moving in wheel chairs and walkers, and have a great time!”

Women of the Drum also does weddings and workshops in the community.

“One of my favorite workshops was teaching 50 autistic adults drumming and dance,” Regina said. “We taught basic rhythms using coffee can drums and simple dance steps to make a samba parade. All of our drummers and dancers came to help support the process. The students had a wonderful time and we all left with big smiles on our faces.”

The group has also created a moving mantra using drum and voice and dance with over 400 teens at a Unity Village youth conference.

“That was truly amazing,” Regina said. “I was terrified of working with that many teenagers. What if they thought it was stupid!? They loved it. We had a great time.”

Asian herb tea on an old rustic table

Regina enjoys teaching through Communiversity because it offers a community of open-minded, progressive-thinking people.

“I have to be more conservative when teaching for schools and libraries,” Regina said.

Regina also does the cartoon graphics you see on the cover and within the pages of the Communiversity catalog.

“I enjoy creating a whimsical interpretation of the classes,” Regina said.

Communiversity Cover Photo


“Never stop learning, creating, exploring. Release yourself into the flow of life within you. Don’t judge. Just be and let be.”


To take a class with Regina, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “Compernolle”. She has over 15 classes coming up this spring, including tomorrow night’s “Cast Your Portrait in Clay,” Wednesday night’s “Tie Dye,” and Sunday’s “Hand-Knotted Pearl Bracelet,” plus so many more!

“My business name is Sacred Earth Arts,” Regina said. “The motto is Honoring the Sacred Self through the Arts.”

To find out more about Regina and Sacred Earth Arts, visit the website!

Regina Sacred Earth Arts Jewelry Photo

If Regina were an animal, she would be an owl.

“I have a special connection with owls,” Regina said. “I’ve had many occasions when they have come to me—especially when I play flute—landing on the ground in front of me and hanging out. I have witnesses! They are night birds that see in the dark, reminding us to look within and embrace our mystery.”

Regina SAE_Photo

By Jessica Turner and Regina Compernolle


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