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Convener Corner: Meet Linda VanBibber!

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Linda VanBibber Photo

Linda with George Moon and the World Drum at a consciousness raising gathering in Hot Springs, Ark., 2012.


Linda VanBibber is a communiversity convener toning and other sound therapy classes such as ‘Creating Balance with Tuning Forks,’ ‘Toning the Chakras,’ and several more.

“I became interested in the use of tuning forks and singing bowls through some friends,” Linda said. “George Moon, who also teaches through both Communiversity and my business, Harmony Energetics, introduced me to tuning forks and Tibetan bowls a few years ago.”

Linda VanBibber Tibetan Bowls Photo

Linda had used Tibetan bowls for meditation, but never considered using their frequencies for healing purposes. Determined to educate herself about the tuning forks, Linda began reading and taking any available workshop relevant to the subject, and even brought in teachers from other areas to share their knowledge with friends.

“Another friend, Jeff Klein, has introduced me to the crystal singing bowls as healing frequencies, and has been kind enough to share his experience with me as well,” Linda said. “Jeff lives in Denver, but offers Crystal Singing Bowl hearing concerts here when he’s in Kansas City. Of course his bowls are very special, as they were used by Sai Maa and her monks prior to his acquiring them.”

Linda VanBibber Crystal Singing Bowls Photo

Linda believes it’s important to share the techniques she has learned with others because self-created sound is available to all of us at every moment.

“If we are in line at the check-out stand and are getting impatient with the lady at the front of the line who waiting until the last minute to start writing a check, or if your plane has been cancelled and you’re waiting in line to get an alternate flight, you can tone,” Linda said. “And the effect is magical. The stress reduction is immediate. You are happier. You won’t be a pain to the poor clerk who has to deal with a bunch of grumpy people.”

In addition to one’s own happiness and the happiness of others, Linda confirms that the skill can make the entire world a happier place.

“We can also use our self-created sound to heal our planet,” Linda said. “There simply is not enough time to fix the mess we’ve made through technology. We have to activate every healing mode available to use. And this one is so simple and pure and beautiful—the projection of love on a current of sound. We can change our world. All this and the physical, emotional and mental healing benefits of the tuning forks and bowls. How could I not want to share this incredible potential?”

Linda VanBibber Sound Therapy Photo

Linda has 15 grandchildren, four of whom are great-grandchildren. Her four-year-old granddaughter loves the sound and loves the tuning forks.

“She would scoot a chair over and ‘steal’ them, even when she was barely two,” Linda said. “Over a year ago, her dad had to deal with a traumatic death situation, and he was very upset.”

He called Linda to see if she could keep her great-granddaughter while he took care of some immediate issues, and upon dropping her off, he was crying and upset. Linda told him to come inside to calm down before driving. Her granddaughter came in and got some tuning forks.

“It’s OK, Daddy, we’re going to fix you,” she said.

“She actually tried to treat him herself, and then handed the forks over to me,” Linda said. “This story still chokes me up.”

Linda enjoys teaching through Communiversity for several reasons.

“[It] gives all of us who teach a medium through which to reach people who would like to learn more about what we all do,” Linda said. “And the class attendees can be such a cross-section of demographics—young and old, conservative and liberal. You never know who is going to show up and that is fun. Last semester, George Moon was able to teach a young man just graduating from medical school about the energy bodies. How cool is that? This young man had his potential knowledge base broadened and deepened considerably. We all get to share what we have, and that’s a wonderful thing.”

Linda with Drum in KKFI studio on Sharon Lockhart’s show ‘Everywoman,’ 2008.

“Life is for learning! But that’s too easy, so I’ll add that I recently finished a book by a former Methodist minister in which the author challenges his readers to think about their own credo, within the framework of the Bible, tradition, experience and reason. Although I would include all the scriptures on the planet as ‘the Bible,’ this did get me to think. I came up with a very simple credo that I feel meets all of those criteria: Love is the underlying principle of all existence, and it is my job to express that Love. What better what to express love than to teach what we have to teach?”

Linda encourages all people to think about how we are expressing our Love.

“If we’re going to fix our mess, we all have to participate in whatever way we are able and called to do,” she said.

To take a class with Linda, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “VanBibber”. Her next class, Toning for Beginners, will take place this Thursday, Feb. 6.

To learn more about Linda, visit her blog!

Linda VanBibber_Photo

If Linda were an animal, she would be a bear.
“This is winter,” she said. “Right now I’m in dream-time mode to create the next year.”

By Jessica Turner and Linda VanBibber


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