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Convener Corner: Meet Don Davidson!

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Don Davidson


Communiversity convener Don Davidson has been bringing people together since the 1980s. He believes that companionship is the key to happiness. In September, he offered his newest class for the first time, “Making Retirement Work For You”.

In November, Davidson will conduct his annual “Drive-by Tour of the Rich and Famous”. The tour includes taking participants on a ride to see where famous Kansas Citians of the past lived, like Walt Disney, Amelia Earhart, and Earnest Hemingway.

Bus Tour

Tomorrow, however, Davidson’s teaching one of the many hit classes he offers to help people come together, “Connecting with Other Singles”. Communiversity members can join Davidson and learn the various ways to find local activities for singles. The course is replacing his popular seminar called “What’s Happening for Singles in KC,” which he offered for over 30 years.

“When I became single after a divorce,” Davidson said, “I searched high and low for singles groups to join, but found it a tedious task to locate them. After a lot of research, I discovered quite a number of singles groups in the Kansas City area, so I started publishing a guide to help [other] singles.”

Davidson believes it’s important to share what he learned with others because many people have the same problem he did. They simply aren’t aware of the gateways to good company that are available to them throughout the city.

Holding Hands

“About 40 percent of the American population is single, and many of them don’t know how to go about making new connections,” Davidson said. “My workshop helps them learn about the various singles groups that exist in the Kansas City area that provide wholesome fun and growth opportunities, as well as the chance to meet other singles for fellowship and possibly something beyond that.”

Although many singles have explored online dating websites, some people aren’t as comfortable with that approach, and Davidson’s class has helped those individuals to branch out and form friendships in their community.


“I’ve had lots of former students tell me they were so lonely—and even depressed—about their single status when they came to my workshop,” Davidson said.

He explained that in his class, members are able to learn about these various social gatherings in their own neighborhoods, and that his “pep-talk” encourages them to test the waters.

“I’ve heard many stories about how the class helped them learn all about the wonderful singles groups in Kansas City and how they ventured out and eventually became not only a regular, but an active member in a singles group,” Davidson said.

Companionship Fingers

Davidson enjoys teaching through Communiversity because he knows the participants are going to be enthusiastic.

“I enjoy it because those who attend are signing up for a class that they’re really interested in learning about, like an elective,” Davidson said. “I also like the potpourri of classes offered by Communiversity on wildly diverse topics. There’s something for everyone. I like Rick [Marekse]’s easy, laid-back style, and his willingness to consider offering most any type of class at least once.”

“To make life fun, we need to keep having new learning experiences and enriching our lives by bringing new people into our circle of friendship.”

To take a class with Davidson, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “Davidson”.

If Davidson were an animal, he would be an eagle because, “I could soar high and get a bird’s eye view of Mother Earth. Plus, I’m endangered and thus, protected.”

By Jessica Turner and Don Davidson


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