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Convener Corner: Meet Theresa Rotolo!

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Theresa Rotolo Photo


Theresa Rotolo is a Communiversity convener who wants people to be aware of the ingredients within the products they use.

“I want people to know what they are putting in and on their bodies,” Rotolo said. “To know it personally and to embrace healthier and cleaner choices.”

While looking for ways to save money while and making gifts for family and friends when she was in college, Rotolo found unique recipes and techniques that she still uses today.

Homemade Scrub

This semester, Rotolo is teaching two classes at the Westport-Roanoke Community Center. The first class, “Penny Pinching Pretty,” is happening tonight from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Rotolo will teach participants how to skip spending “hundreds of dollars on beauty products that can be made in your own kitchen”. Rotolo will walk students how to make products for all genders—an aftershave made from vodka and a foot scrub made from sugar.

Sugar Foot Scrub

“I have been looking for ways to make things at home to save money and protect myself and those I care about from harmful chemicals for as long as I can remember,” Rotolo said. “These techniques in particular for about 12 years.”

It all started when Rotolo graduated from The University of Central Missouri.

“I was the last of my group to do so,” Rotolo said. “Many of my friends had already graduated and had been working or were married and had established households. It came time for Christmas, and they all had money and wanted to exchange gifts. I didn’t have much cash, so I started scouring the library for homemade recipes.”

Rotolo found her “Vodka Aftershave for Women” recipe and it turned out to be quite the holiday sensation.

“I figured out that if I altered the essential oils, it could even be unisex,” Rotolo said. “I still get requests for ‘that leg stuff’ or the recipe for it. When I saw what a hit that homemade gift was, I just kept gathering ideas and experimenting. It spilled over into food as well.”

Homemade Christmas

That brings us to Rotolo’s second class of the season, happening on Nov. 7, called “Dairy Made”. In this session, each member will get to take home their own jar of self-churned butter or container of homemade cheese.

Gross Fake Butter

“I love being able to share in person the things that I share in my blog,” Rotolo said. “It is so much fun to see how different people interpret instructions and uses of things, and just how much an idea can take off in a room full of strangers!”

“Everything and everyone has a purpose…the possibilities are endless.”

To take a class with Rotolo, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “Rotolo”.

If Rotolo were an animal, she would be a “well-cared for dog…because I have a ton of loyalty and love to give the world.”

By Jessica Turner and Theresa Rotolo


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