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Convener Corner: Meet Bhasweti Gewhas, PhD, CHt!

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Bhasweti Gewhas


If you like what you find here, please keep in mind that Gewhas is teaching TWO Communiversity classes this semester. To search for her classes, enter “Gewhas” in the “Convener Last Name” field.

Gewhas’ first class is called, “Inspire Your Creativity with Stress Relief,” happening this coming Friday, Oct. 11 from noon to 3 p.m. at the UMKC Student Union. More details can be found here.
Her second class is called, “Explore Your Dream with Art Journaling,” and will take place on Saturday, October 19 at the Atterbury Student Success Center on UMKC’s campus. More details can be found here.

If you plan to visit Communiversity’s Wholistic Health Fair on Sunday, Nov. 10, you can find Gewhas at Booth #6. She will also be conducting a workshop at the event.
For more information about the Wholistic Health Fair, visit the blog here or the Facebook event here!

Creative Spirituality to Create Your Dream Life
By Bhasweti Gewhas, PhD, CHt

My creative flow comes with my art.

The connection is simple; when I turn off my crazy mind and all thoughts, I tune in to my book of art journaling – it comes to me spontaneously. In that moment I immediately go into trance, and start flowing with colors, lines and shapes. I do not intend to create anything in particular but I let my inner mind play like a child. I become the child again – without any intention, without any direction, I just play with my inner child.

So many excellent and unexpected things happened and are still happening in my life when I really allow that creative flow to surface – firstly I become one with the present moment. As I become fully present in the moment and experience the endless joy of being creative. I feel so happy of doing something apparently meaningless but truly very meaningful to me as I accept it as my own way of meditation.

It is also very healing as it clears clutters from mind. Like a creative process of talking to my inner mind or subconscious – I often ask my questions and many times the answers came up from deep within. The answers are very profound and meaningful to my life journey.

While doing art journaling, I felt like my Spiritual Masters, Higher Beings of Light and Angels are talking to me through the creative flow in colors, forms and shapes through my doodling. It is a very nurturing process of finding my truth within and feeling that I always have the connection with the Higher to rely whenever I need help.

Gewhas Art Journaling

When we moved to Idaho in 2006, I was arranging all my books in my study. I find one of my old art journal books—which were my best friends during my most difficult time of going through divorce in India, 1998.

It opened at a particular page. I was stunned to see my vision about my future! It was my love picture for my happy family – me, my daughter and my future husband in front yard. The picture also included a little white dog and a landscaped garden with a small pond.

When I looked through the window, that day – I saw the landscaped garden with the little pond, my little white dog Ibon playing with my daughter Johlea and my loving husband Sandip was sitting on the porch having tea. Exactly, every parts of my dream had been manifested! I found my loving husband, my dream house and my daughter is happy in new life and my pet dog that brings us so much pleasure. It took 8 long years to manifest everything as in the journal. And I was not consciously doing it!

I realized the art journaling can be so empowering! I have posted this picture and mentioned this entire experience in my website for others to read and be inspired.

Gewhas Painting

Hence, I have manifested many of my dreams with my creative process of expression. When I am in my creative space, I let the creative flow of the universe take the charge and allow miracles to happen. Now-a-days, I make beautiful Mandalas. Mandala (in Sanskrit, it means “circle”) is a sacred geometric shape representing completeness.

I have been exploring the seven colors of the spectrum to make the Mandalas of seven Chakras. The Chakras are the seven subtle energy centers of our etheric body. Each one of them activates different important aspect of our physical life.

Like the Root Chakra – color is red and it represents our survival issues, physical health, stability, money, work, childhood. Sacral Chakra, color is orange which influences our re-productivity, sexuality, intimate relationship, happiness and feelings. Solar Plexus chakra is yellow and it brings personal will power, self-esteem, vitality and confidence. Heart chakra, color green, represents love, balance, self-acceptance, compassion, connection to others. Throat Chakra is blue and it brings ability to communicate, creativity, resonance and self-expression. Brow Chakra is indigo in color and brings perception, intuitive abilities, seeing, imagination and ability to understand. Crown Chakra is violet and it brings wisdom, knowledge, consciousness and divine connection.


Playing with the colors and meditating are gradually creating my chakra balance. I am surrounding my life, my rooms, my house and my gardens with colors to enrich my days in so many ways. Each day I am empowering self joyfully to be the co-creator of my dream life. Every day, my creative spirituality helps me become my authentic self. The more I allow myself to become my true self fearlessly; I am discovering my own creator within.

Now I teach others how to connect with creative flow within to co-create their own dream life and feel so grateful, as teaching is one of my most meaningful dreams I am manifesting right now!

Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D. is a certified Hypnotherapist; Stress Relief Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Worker. She works as a stress relief therapist and helps people overcome their challenges by using the power of their conscious and sub-conscious mind. Art is one of her passions that made her life stress free and she feels inspired to teach others to embrace inner creativity for the joy of stress free life. Please visit her website http://www.stressfreetools.com for more about her work.

If you have questions please feel free to contact her at bhasweti@gmail.com or call (913) 660-0669.
The full version of Gewhas’ amazing story is on her website.

By Bhasweti Gewhas
Introduction by Jessica Turner


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