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Convener Corner: Meet Desiré Hendricks!

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Desiré Hendricks Photo
Hendricks at the Rose Gardens at Loose Park.
“It’s one of my favorite places in KC,” she said.


Communiversity convener Desiré Hendricks teaches yoga, and is passionate about sharing the skill with others because she believes it can enrich the overall quality of life.

“I’ve been on my yoga journey about twenty years,” Hendricks said. “When people decide to pursue yoga [and] deepen or progress in their practice, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.”

This semester, Hendricks will be teaching a Communiversity class called “Discover Yoga Breath by Breath,” which will offer participants the opportunity to take a closer look at the eight limbs of a whole yoga practice.

“I am so excited to teach this class, because I will have the opportunity to share aspects of practicing yoga,” Hendricks said.

She originally discovered yoga in college.

“A friend who needed a partner in crime as she pursued her New Year’s resolution to get fit said, ‘Let’s try yoga!’” Hendricks said. “I attended a few classes with her, and kept going when she stopped. I loved it. I still do.”


Hendricks explained that many yogis spend a significant amount of time with the asanas, and is an avid believer of the advantages that practicing the poses can bring to several aspects of a person’s life.

“The poses offer physical and mental benefits when practiced regularly,” Hendricks said. “Consciously practicing the other limbs—breath control, concentration, meditation, self reflection—causes your yoga practice and life off the mat to evolve in wonderful and unexpected ways!”

Hendricks still enjoys practicing yoga after all these years, partially because of the new abilities it continues to bring to her experience.

“I love yoga because it’s an adventure,” Hendricks said. “Every practice offers something new and different. I was working on my headstand recently, and was able to lift myself using only my core instead of kicking up. I even balanced there for a moment. Well, I got giddy and laughed and promptly found my feet thumping against the wall before I could tumble down.”

(But the point is she did it!)

“Today is my head start for tomorrow.”

To take a class with Hendricks, visit her Course Description in Communiversity’s Searchable Database! This semester, Hendricks is offering a total of eight Sunday sessions, beginning on Sept. 28, and ending on Nov. 17.

You can also watch a Prezi preview about her class here.

“Yoga rocks, and so do you!” Hendricks said. “Namasté.”

If Hendricks were an animal, she would be a dolphin because “they live in schools, and I also love to learn. Corny and true.”

By Jessica Turner and Desiré Hendricks


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