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Convener Corner: Meet Jeff David!

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Jeff David


Jeff David is a Communiversity convener who understands the average person’s irritation when it comes to everyone’s favorite subject: Insurance.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Ew. Insurance. Somebody get me out of here.

And that’s a completely natural reaction.

But hang in there just a couple minutes and we’re betting you understand the way Jeff David guides you through an inspiring insurance experience. (That’s right.) And maybe you’ll even enroll in one of his classes this fall!

We’re aware that most of you may have a bitter relationship with Insurance.
You and Insurance barely even interact, unless it’s to pay your bill.
You drive carefully and double-check that you’ve turned off the stove before you leave the house so that you never actually have to utter the word “insurance”.
If you’re like many people, you see insurance as this invisible thing to which you give a bunch of your money, but it never really seems to give back.
We get it.

“Insurance is confusing and frustrating,” said Jeff David. “People need help to simplify the process.”

Regardless of how complicated insurance can be, David believes that it really can make a difference.

“Everyone’s life improves when they have insurance,” David said.

Okay, Jeff. Now you’re just messing with us, right? Everyone’s life improves when they have Ben & Jerry’s, not insurance. Everyone knows that.

But listen:

“Today a man named Dave dropped by the office,” said David. “Dave worked hard all his life, first in the Army, then with the rail road, and finally, at his own business. He has had a great life and nothing bad ever happened to him. Two years into retirement, he has a stroke. Then another stroke. And heart surgery. The insurance that we set up took care of it all and he didn’t pay a dime.

“He was just driving by, and just wanted to encourage me to keep helping people. Wow, I felt really good. He and his wife both took the class and that intersection made all the difference.”

So although insurance probably isn’t something that you think about every day, and although it’s probably not on your list of things you’re grateful for at the end of each day, it is for some. And like Dave, it could be for you one day, too.

And this doesn’t just go for retirees. The Affordable Care Act, for example, allows young people to stay on their family’s insurance plan until they are 26 years old. David’s classes will allow you to learn more about it. (Ahem, UMKC students? Communiversity classes are FREE to you…)

Insurance Cartoon

“Not knowing and not learning the truth is a terrible feeling,” David said. “Learning and making decisions based on education lightens the heart.”

David teaches Alphabet Soup of Medicare Insurance on October 26, and Obama Care—Affordable Care Act Playbook of 2014 on September 21.

“I started in insurance in 1987 and have been passionate about it ever since,” David said. “People need help making sense out of it.”

And that’s exactly what David has done at Communiversity for the last several years. As an added bonus, David makes it fun.

“I love to meet new people,” David said. “I learn new things all the time.”


“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

To take a class with David, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “David”. His next class takes place on September 21, and covers his 2014 Playbook on Obama Care: The Affordable Care Act.

To find out more about David, visit his website. (He also has a Facebook page!)

If David were an animal, he would be a rhino.
“They have bad eyesight, however, great strength and thick skin get them through.”

By Jessica Turner and Jeff David


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