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End Emotional Eating TONIGHT!

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Ending Emotional Eating

Course #4203A

End Emotional Eating TONIGHT!

Do you find yourself grazing in the cabinets or eating when you’re stressed? Learn simple steps to overcome emotional eating so you can stay at your ideal weight and be in control with food!

Shannon Hodge used to struggle with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and weight gain. Using simple techniques, she lost 40 lbs. without dieting, and enjoys food more than ever! She learned how to do it, and so can you.

Please bring $2 to class for handouts.

CONVENER: Shannon Hodge
PHONE: (360) 350-7801
E-MAIL: e.shannonhodge@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.shannonhodge.com
CLASS FEE: $9.00
DATE: Wednesday, August 7, 2013
TIME: 6:30 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.
LOCATION: UMKC Campus, Royall Hall: Room 212 (52nd Street between Rockhill & Holmes, KCMO)
ADDRESS: 917 Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64110


Meet Shannon First!
(Trust us, you’ll like her.)
Get to know Shannon through Communiversity’s Convener Corner, or watch this YouTube video!

Like Shannon Hodge’s Health Coach Facebook Page!


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