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Convener Corner: Meet Derek Olsen!

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“Money troubles are the number one reason for divorce,” said Communiversity convener Derek Olsen. “I am on a mission to change that.”

Olsen teaches a class called His + Hers = OUR$ (which is coming up this Thursday, August 8th), and points out that “we are rarely taught how to manage our money in school or in the home,” so for the last two years, he’s been sharing with couples his methods of regulating money through teamwork.

“When my wife and I got married, we had to figure out on our own how to manage our money,” Olsen said. “Working together as a team to manage our money has brought us closer together as a couple. I enjoy inspiring other married couples to start a monthly budget and manage their money.

“Once they realize just how capable they are and how easy it can be, they usually enjoy the process.”

In addition to Thursday’s class, Olsen also offers a workshop starting August 15th called The Two-Hour Financial Turnaround, which will teach you to “use your real-world financial information to create a budget that works”.

Olsen’s Story:
“A recent client of mine shared with me that his family told him it was impossible to own a car without a payment. We worked together for just five months and he bought a car with cash! The financial freedom and overall effect of the experience has had on his entire life was amazing. You can see the confidence in his eyes and the pride in his walk–well, strut, really.”

“The past and the future are in good hands, so focus on today.”

To take a class with Olsen, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “Olsen”. Click here for specific information on this Thursday’s His + Hers = OUR$ class, or here for the scoop on his upcoming Two-Hour Financial Turnaround workshop. Don’t forget to check back when our fall schedule is released for more class offerings!

“I love Communiversity. It gives both teachers and learners the chance to have a new experience and meet new people,” Olsen said.

His + Hers = OUR$

To get the whole story on Olsen, visit him at Beatnik Budget. For even more, follow his blog!

If Olsen were an animal, he would be a polar bear.
“I hate hot weather!” he said.

By Jessica Turner and Derek Olsen


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