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Convener Corner: Meet Lauralei Bradley!

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Lauralei Bradley (2)


Lauralei Bradley has been exploring her spiritual interests for thirty years, and has more than enough practice, understanding, and personal experience to teach Communiversity classes such as Contacting Your Spirit Guide, Auras, Energy, & Chakras, How to Connect with Your Soul Mate, and Usui Reiki & Oden Reiki.

“I have seen and heard my angels all my life,” Bradley said. “They taught me to meditate, pray, and astral project at a very early age.”

Bradley believes it is important to share these skills because, as she explains it, “There is so much love and knowledge and assistance from our guides. I want everyone to be able to tap into that.”

“Connecting with other spiritual, like-minded souls” is Bradley’s favorite part about teaching through Communiversity.

Another way she can achieve this is via her book and rock store, White Light Bookstore & Crystals, which Bradley describes as having “amazing energy”.

White Light

One of Bradley’s customers shared a healing experience she had with Oden Reiki…

“At a channeling session I asked if I had any issues with the energy of my physical system and I was told by Jeramie, a spirit guide that Lauralei channels, that I should have my feet looked at.

I wasn’t having any trouble but I visited my doctor for a checkup, and she said I had diabetes (foot problems are very common with diabetes). She loaded me up with a blood testing kit and a list of foods I should eat. I read it over a few times, but it didn’t have any sugar or carbs on it. I came home and did some research and found I had to give up pretty much all normal food. I hated the way that made me feel every day.

It felt like the diabetes issue was consuming all my energy and my time. I was following the approved diet and still tested high blood sugar and I felt awful. To give you an idea, I was averaging 250 levels in the early am on my test meter, when it should have been 70-100. Later in the day I would hit near 297.

I continued Oden Reiki with Lauralei.

During one session I registered 180, and five minutes after the treatment, I took my blood sugar again and it was 30 points less! 30 points! (I really wish I had the doctor there to see that).

With some fine tuning, Lauralei figured out that clearing the energy of my blood, was vital to improvement. My blood sugar levels started going down and staying down, either though I had added carbs and some sugar to my diet. When I next went back to the doctor, she said my blood sugar was better. This was my doctor using small words for big improvement.

I returned for Oden Reiki with Lauralei every week for 4 weeks and my blood sugar down to 109. Every session, I felt better and healthier.

When Lauralei received the Ying/Yang Reiki attunement, which is an energy to balance the aura around our organs, she began focusing on the pancreas. Each time the bad energy around the pancreas got smaller & smaller.

At my six month check-up, the doc said no more monitoring, no more sticking my finger for blood samples. She said I didn’t need to go back until my yearly checkup. It is miraculous that in a very short period of time, a disease that can span a lifetime was gone.

I am so very grateful for Oden, David and Lauralei, and the fact that Oden Reiki is available. It changed my entire life. Thank you, David and Lauralei, for your dedication and for helping me to feel better.”


“You know you are close to living your last lifetime, when your first reaction to everything, is love.”

To take a class with Bradley, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “Bradley”. Don’t forget to check back when our fall schedule is released for more class offerings!

To learn more about Oden Reiki, click here. For more information on Whitelight Bookstore & Crystals, visit their website! Bradley also offers gift baskets.

Gift Basket

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If Bradley were an animal, she would be a cat.

“They are loyal, warm, fuzzy balls of fun,” she said.

By Jessica Turner and Lauralei Bradley


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