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Convener Corner: Meet Martha Haehl!

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Martha Haehl1

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, Communiversity is pleased to introduce you to you the Queen of Cool. (At least that’s what we’re calling her.)

Meet Martha Haehl, whose devotion to music has been a life-long joy, and whose inspiring attitude and experience makes our community lucky to have her.

Because Haehl’s love of music is accompanied by her passion for teaching math, let’s begin by reviewing some of her numbers.

7 = The number of bands she’s been a member of.
9 = The number of musical styles she performs.
11 = The number of instruments Haehl plays.
25+ = The number of venues she’s played.
35 = The number of years she’s spent attending every acoustic jam she possibly could.

If you need more than those 87 reasons to appreciate Haehl’s awesomeness, read on.

“Music brings people together that would not otherwise have the occasion to interact, at least not civilly,” Haehl said. “At a jam years ago, I realized that the person on my left was a Baptist preacher, and the person on my right was a leftist Atheist, and there were people of many religious and political connections in the same room singing ‘Amazing Grace’ together, beautifully.

“Where else in this polarized world do we put aside our political and religious sniping to just enjoy human experience together?”

Growing up in a musical family, Haehl and her sister sang together as children. Her father was a great singer, her mother played piano and sang, and her younger brother became a musician as well. If fate exists, one might say Haehl and music were destined for each other.

Martha Haehl2

For three years, Haehl has taught classes such as Jamming Like a Pro, Play Well With Others, and Swinging Dozen (which introduces twelve guitar chords that help you get started playing swing music on the guitar).

“I like that people can share a skill or learn something at a reasonable cost just for the heck of it,” Haehl said of Communiversity.

“What I know is the only thing that can’t be taken away, and at any age: Learning new things always keeps me looking to the future. I play a dozen instruments, and it’s always fun and challenging learning a new style of music or skill.”

To take a class with Haehl, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “Haehl”.
Don’t forget to check back when our fall schedule is released for more class offerings. Because, as Haehl says, “Jamming is a great way to have fun and meet people you wouldn’t otherwise get to know!”

You can also learn more about the music, math, and good times of Martha Haehl by visiting her website!

By Jessica Turner and Martha Haehl


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