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Convener Corner: Meet Phoenix!

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Communiversity convener Phoenix teaches a variety of classes with us, including Making a Spirit Book, Sprit Totems, Making a Mala, The Joy of Forgiveness, and Living a Sensuous Spirited Life.

First, Phoenix ends our anticipation and notes that yes, Phoenix is her full legal name. She describes her classes as those that are intended to “help you explore and examine your inner world, your spirit, and how you express your spirit in the outer world.”

A holistic healer, teacher, and shaman for nearly twenty years, Phoenix initially decided to participate in teaching Communiversity classes because of the way the subjects were influencing personally.

“I was using these tools to improve my own life and the change was so profound that I couldn’t help but share the joy that I was experiencing,” she said.

In addition, Phoenix believes that “knowledge is power”.

“We receive so much education on how to function in the ‘business world,’ but very little on how to find balance and fulfillment in our personal lives,” Phoenix noticed. “I teach in order to share the opportunity for others to discover new tools that can transform their personal lives when put into practice.”

Phoenix does, however, point out that those who take her classes aren’t the only ones who gain something.

“I love meeting such diverse people with so many different backgrounds, belief systems, traditions, and experiences,” she said. “I could never meet all of these wonderful people if I didn’t get out there and teach. I am so very grateful that Kansas City created and continues to support this amazing institution of open learning!”

Phoenix’s Story:
“My favorite story is when I was teaching a self-esteem class at a homeless shelter many years ago. I can tell you it was a tough audience: addiction; job loss; broken families; and domestic violence pervaded the lives of these students.

One class I decided to teach was about clarity. The simple act of getting clear on what you want can make it possible for you to receive it in your life. After speaking for about ten minutes, I was interrupted by a gentleman at the back of the room who said, ‘I can’t even get to a job interview. How am I supposed to ask for what I want?’

Guy Down & Out

I responded by asking him what the barriers were to getting to an interview, since that was obviously a priority for him. He replied that he had no gas in his car. It was an older car, but it was mobile when it was gassed up.

He was caught in and endless mental loop of, ‘No gas, no interview, no money, no gas.’

So I stated that what he really wanted was a tank of gasoline for his car. He was very resistant to that concept. We ended up spending the rest of our class time that day processing that idea. Everyone in the class had a question, thought, or statement about this idea of clarity leading to manifestation. It was a lively and fun discussion, but nothing I said could have impacted them the way that the events following the class did.

When I returned to teach again the following week, they were jumping out of their seats to tell me what had transpired. When they left class the previous week, my star pupil had a phone message waiting at the front desk for him.

‘My car broke down. I have to get to work. If you take me, I will fill your tank with gas. Love, Sharon.’

I never got to see him again, as he got himself a job and graduated from the program in that intervening week, but I have always loved to share his story.”

love life

“Live your spirit, love your life!”
“Live your heart out loud.”

To take a class with Phoenix, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “Phoenix”. Don’t forget to check back when our fall schedule is released for more class offerings. You can also find her on her website, Spirited You!

If Phoenix were an animal, she would be her cat, because “he has the best life!”

By Jessica Turner & Phoenix


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