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Convener Corner: Meet Idalbert Joseph!

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Dalbert Joseph


Although Haitian convener Idalbert Joseph teaches Communiversity’s Creole Made Easy class locally, the positive changes he’s making have an international reach.

As the founder and President of Glory House Services (GHS), a non-profit organization working to build connections between Americans and Haitians, Joseph is passionate about helping to “improve the quality of life and education in Haiti”.

In addition to vocational studies, GHS raises money through donations to help Haitians in a variety of areas, such as healthcare, computer skills, and expanding their knowledge of other societies and cultures. They also “provide disaster relief and donations of food, clothing, and school and medical supplies.” GHS considers it a responsibility and priority “to ensure that children in Haiti can go to school for free.”

Hoping to make new friends and get inspired, Joseph loves listening to and learning from others. He’s been teaching the Creole language for about four years.

“I love meeting new people and helping them learn about my wonderful country, Haiti,” Joseph said.

And if you join his class, you’re in for a treat.

“Usually, at the end of our sessions, we have a ‘Haitian Feast’. My wife, Glorie, cooks traditional foods, and we open some Couronne Fruit Champagne to celebrate. I have made strong friendships with my students. Come join us!”



“Piti, piti, zwazo fe nich.”
(“Little by little, the bird builds its nest.”)

To take a class with Joseph, search Communiversity’s database by “Convener Last Name” and type in “Joseph”. Don’t forget to check back when our fall schedule is released for more class offerings.

You can also learn more about Joseph and Glory House Services by visiting their website, or like them on Facebook!

By Jessica Turner and Idalbert Joseph


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