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Communiversity Invites You to “Dare to Dabble”!

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Communiversity Invites You to “Dare to Dabble”!

On Sunday at the Westport-Roanoke Community Center, Communiversity members gathered to try their hands at leathermaking with conveners and Dare to Dabble go-getters, Mike and Sheryl Godsy.


By Jessica Turner

“I’m just a lifelong learner,” Sheryl Godsy explained, as she and her husband Mike introduced themselves to Communiversity members on Sunday at the Westport-Roanoke Community Center.

Intro to Leathercraft was the class of the day, but there’s almost nothing the Godsys won’t try. They believe that Communiversity is a great way to experiment with projects within their organization, Dare to Dabble, and are excited about getting those endeavors out to the community.

“We get excited when the catalog comes out,” Sheryl told the class. “There’s a nice array of classes to choose from.”

Although it is the first year that Sheryl and Mike have volunteered as Communiversity conveners, they are naturals. They have taught within 4-H, the positive youth development organization, and have led several adult workshops as well.

Although the couple describes leathercraft as “one of those old, lost art forms,” it has been resurrected for Mike Godsy. He initially acquired an interest in leather artistry when he was in junior high school, upon receiving a tool set from his mother for Christmas. Years later, he rediscovered the tool set in his garage and thought it would be fun to expand his skills. Now, he furnishes others with those skills.

Mike walked members of the class through everything from stamping, tooling, and carving to embossing and dyeing the products they created. The mission was to complete two creations: A leather key fob, and a leather wristband.

“There are infinite possibilities of designs,” Sheryl said.

Her philosophy on the creative process is a simple one. She encouraged the members of the class to keep a positive spirit in mind throughout the session.

“There is no such thing as mistakes,” she said. “Only wonderful discoveries.”

She asserted that part of what makes a piece of handcrafted art unique is its imperfections. These imperfections add character and make a design rare and distinctive.

For more information about leathercraft, e-mail the Godsys at daretodabble@gmail.com. They also recommend Tandy Leather Factory, which is where they obtained the class booklets that they passed out to members.

Sheryl will be hosting more classes this summer, starting in August. They include Bohemian Upcycled Lighting and Painting on Print. To explore these course offerings and more, visit Communiversity today. Browsing and registering for classes is easy online!

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”
-Mark Twain

Westport-Roanoke Community Center.

Communiversity members getting their leathercraft on!

Tools of the trade…

Mike Godsy’s leathercrafting tools.

Samples of leather products.

Close-up of the artistry.

Making “wonderful discoveries”…

More tools.



  1. Sheryl Godsy says:

    Great photos and love your writing style Jessica! Thanks for your wonderful story
    Mike and Sheryl

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